Friday, August 12, 2011

Remember the "K" is a G sound

I wanted to name this blog "It's been a while" but that reminded me of an awful song by Staind that is from who-knows-when middle school...but the point is, after 8 months I decided it was time again to blog:)

Tonight I'm thinking about some of the crazy places I've been in the last few years. The bayou of Louisiana, the end of the earth North Carolina, the sun-scorched land of Africa and the cool air in Colorado. I think of one phrase that my friends in Africa say multiple times a day "Nkulunkulu mule"(in-goo-loo-in-goo-loo moo-sh-lay) it means, God is good. I've newly appreciated Psalm 124 lately. It talks of deep trouble and fierce struggle and that if God had not been on the psalmist's side... well, it moves through what could have happened. It ends in praise and with two reminders(at least) for me these days.

Nkulunkulu mule and I am weak.

It is good to remember God's grand and masterful ways of saving us, what He has saved us from and where we are rescued out of. It is good to remember "If God had not been on my side." This is not only to remember the former, but to understand my frailty. My never-had-a-chance self. Because as a human, as someone living in the struggle of spirit and flesh, I don't have a chance. The majority of my days are spent knowing I am weak and acting as if I am invincible. But that doesn't generally end well. I am trusting God to remind me today that He is always on my side. He is for me, because He wants to be. Nkulunkulu mule, because that is who He is. Not because He does unreasonably good things for me (which He does) but because it is Him.

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